My Way of offering Services. Bookings and fees.

My Way of offering clarity, guidance, care and wisdom does not dance to the tune of ‘clocked minutes’. Put simply this means that I do not have ’30’ or ’60’ minute readings. I believe that quality and authenticity outweighs quantity. This way you can carefully choose which reading best suits your current needs by reading the descriptor’s below. Allow yourself at least two hours for the whole process which includes quiet time to just relax and re-orientate after the reading.

I discourage people who are wanting a ‘fortune- telling’ style of reading. I have high regard and respect for the energies I am working with- most of all I have the greatest respect for your enquiry.

If you have any questions about which reading would suit you best, you are welcome to email me.

Special Question

Special Question – I often do a daily three card reading for myself. Sounds underwhelming and too simple ? Actually these “petite intuition grabs” as I call them can be fantastic for big and small concerns. I recommend this reading for that ‘burning question’! I keep a journal which has notes, ideas and impressions from my ‘intuition grabs’. I use this as an organic document to chart business & personal goals and outcomes. I also reflect on the cards through combining dream symbolism and synchronicity. We both know that life sends ‘curly’ situations, the unexpected and it can be extremely helpful to validate your gut feeling or ask for alternate options to a problem. This reading is to the point. No dressing it up in fancy feathers! You need an answer, a time line and potential outcomes. This is exactly what I provide! NZ$40

Karmic Relationship Path

The Karmic Relationship Path We all need healthy relationships to thrive. Some times we think the people we surround ourselves with are positive and loving. Unfortunately it does not always work out like this. Matters of the heart and soul can send us to heaven or hell! Especially if we are having a ‘head-heart conflict‘. Taking a deeper look at the Eastern concept of karma and kismet and how this relates to all relationships- (ancestors, family, friends, lovers, partners, spouses, work colleagues) can help you to identify outworn patterns, strengthen supportive partnerships, and work to increasing friendship and love in all areas of your life. Zig specialises in working with loss and grief so can provide excellent guidance for heartbreak and sadness. Ziggy focuses on work relationships; from bullies in the workplace, preparing for career change, study paths and how to manage the managers! Ziggy will provide an in depth reading of your love relationships if this is what you specifically seek. The Karmic Relationship Path reading is not given an allocated time, I work with the cosmic clock and care that you receive the support you need. Please allow yourself two hours of uninterrupted time. NZ$85

The Millenium Map

The Millenium Map – This reading is designed by Ziggy to explore the ‘undertones’ of your current situation. Attention is given to the seasonal changes that affect us, our family and global community and how this in turn may impact on our study, work, financial growth and personal success. Cards communicate emerging patterns, areas that need more attention and give clear pathways for changing direction in a more sustaining and fulfilling way. Astrological and numerological aspects provide extra information to identify time frames and actions you need to work towards. This reading is very uplifting and an excellent confidence boost. The Millenium Map is not given an allocated time, we work with the cosmic clock and care that you receive the support you need. Please allow yourself two hours of uninterrupted time. NZ$75

Tree of Life Blueprint

The Tree of Life Blueprint – Based on the teachings of the Kabbalah, the Tarot cards are placed following the order of the ten Sephira of the Tree of Life. The reading covers all the important aspects of your life and through additional layering of cards explores the depths of these individual aspects. I look closely at the placement of the cards, who they sit next to and who is missing from the reading. Extraordinary information is given to you which opens up so much room for development and growth in your life. Obstacles will be made clear which can be painful, but ultimately is extremely empowering for you. If you can get to the bottom of a problem, see it for what it really is, then it’s easier to make a plan and find a solution. The reading is a map for your personal spring clean. This is not a reading for the faint hearted! I follow this reading up 30 days later with a “check in” reading. The Tree of Life Blueprint is not given an allocated time, I work with the cosmic clock and care that you receive the support you need. Please allow yourself two hours of uninterrupted time. NZ$180

Group Bookings; 2 hour minimum @ POA.

Group bookings such as parties, openings, festivals and corporate entertainment are available. (Calculated in the costing for group events is: travel, number of people at event, type of event, request for themed appearance.- Thus the POA).

Seasonal Workshops

Seasonal Workshops available in Dunedin, New Zealand and Cairns, Australia. Upcoming online courses are being prepared. See separate page for details of workshops for 2019 – 2020.

Booking and Payment

Interactive readings via Skype is my preferred method of reading Tarot as I love having the opportunity to meet you face to face, also it gives you the opportunity to ask questions as they arise. Unexpected questions always pop up as the cards unfold their wisdom!

The most meaningful and useful reading happens when you connect psychically with me. I connect to my clients with Skype, Zoom, Facetime and Google Duo- they are all excellent options that provide consistently great video and voice quality. Google duo is almost always already loaded onto your smartphone when you buy it, it’s easy to get the app if you don’t have it. Facetime is the feature for talking that Facebook provides. So if you a FB devotee you already have it!! But you may need to go into your settings to turn it on. Skype is the platform I use the most. Its super fast to download onto your PC, laptop or phone and it is very simple to use- and its free! All of these wonderful applications mean you can be in any part of the world at any time and have your private reading .

To book a Tarot consultation is really simple, just send me an email (via the contact page)detailing the reading type you want. I will reply with a choice of three available times to select from, and Paypal details. Payment is also simple and can be made via Paypal (which accepts all your credit cards on the spot- and is secure). All you need do then is email me with the time you want, when Paypal has notified me of your payment made, I will email confirmation of your preferred appointment time and then I am all ready to focus on the most important person which is YOU!

**Please note payment is in New Zealand dollars.

Disclaimer: Tarot Readings should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical, financial and/or legal professional. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to request one.