History of Tarot

I was researching articles online about the history of the Tarot cards and I came across this written by a gentleman called Hunter Oatman-Stanford. I found it to be curiously interesting! clearly he had researched the topic providing more than a sensational look at the history of the cards. Debate about their origin will always go I am sure about that, and also the influences of historical figures. I really loved the images of the ancient playing decks though- this is a real treat for the eyes! So if you are a history buff, or just like to know about things I thoroughly suggest linking to this article.

‘The Empress. The Hanged Man. The Chariot. Judgment. With their centuries-old iconography blending a mix of ancient symbols, religious allegories, and historic events, tarot cards can seem purposefully opaque. To outsiders and skeptics, occult practices like card reading have little relevance in our modern world. But a closer look at these miniature masterpieces reveals that the power of these cards isn’t endowed from some mystical source—it comes from the ability of their small, static images to illuminate our most complex dilemmas and desires.’

Hunter Oatman-Stanford wrote this article which was published in the Collectors Corner on June 18th 2014. ‘Tarot Mythology: the origins of the Worlds most misunderstood cards’.

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