The Sun card

Today is the 15th July 2019. It is Winter here in New Zealand; whilst you in the Northern Hemisphere are in the middle of your Summer here it is a day with ice cold winds blowing straight off the Antarctic ice caps. Clear blue skies, but extremely crisp. As Ive been creating this site, Ive been wearing my beanie and scarf! Ironically enough I shuffled my deck as I thought about my new beginnings as an ‘online tarot lady’ and the card that I selected was The Sun! I see this as terribly positive, validating the momentum I have to create this space for all of us. I envision a space where you become co-creators. Our art and creative goodies inspired by the tarot, its colour, the rich symbolism, arcane meanings, and our collective unconscious being kick started into global creativity.

As the weeks roll on, I will post more content, and develop interactive ways of communicating with you all. In the meantime if you have any suggestions or questions please dont hesitate to email me at

I am available for Skype readings as well…sooo much fun doing this. I cant wait to be speaking to one of you in Hong Kong, or Singapore, or the UK, or Denmark, or the USA!! Just so awesome to have this amazing internet. 🙂

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