Tarot Wisdom for a Beautiful World.

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The Dancing with Tarot Vision & Blueprint

A ‘Dancing with Tarot’ card reading is a unique and personal map for you – all I need is to understand how best I can assist you, whether it be one important burning question you have, or a deeper dive into your life blueprint and future!

The Sun’ Major Arcana card from the Millenium Tarot of the Four Worlds. A joyful and beauty filled celebration of doing the dance of life together. This symbolises the life journey of friendship, spiritual curiosity and the abiding belief in Great Spirit- the Spark.

Dancing with Tarot is about helping you to develop and create the life that you want – to grow with the wisdom of the tarot supporting your journey.

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Disclaimer: TAROT Readings should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical, financial and/or legal professional. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to request one.